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Welcome to our war game website!. We feature six games with camouflaged soldiers. These are our favorite adrenaline pumping army games.
Play Gunmaster 3 Games
Gunmaster 3
Defend yourself against urban soldiers in the city. This version features more new weapons and new enemies! Unlike the other two versions, the world is interactive. i.e. Windows, fans, and moving crane.
Super Soldier
Super Soldier
You goal is to convert all the enemy flags and then head back to the base. Good luck in the super soldier game!
Play War on Terror Camo Games
War on Terror
Guide the missile to the target by holding the mouse button to increase altitude and releasing to decrease.
Ammo Ambush Camo Game
Ammo Ambush
It's you against an entire army. Good thing the army cant hit the broad side of a barn.
Play 3d Swat Camo  Games
3d Swat
Use your mouse to guide the crosshair and take out the stand up targets. Be wary though, if you take to long they shoot back.
Army Swat
Army Swat
In this first person shooting game you've to lead an army squad against a gang of insurgents who have taken over the strategic dock. You must eliminate all of them and remember that, if you kill a civilian then the mission will fail. Keep an eye on your health status and shoot down the enemies before they shoot back at you.